【Announcement】Updated on 07/08/2022 11:27:39 AM
The Cryptocurrency of your unconditional basic income

The initiator of the "EASY LIFE COMMUNITY & BLOCKCHAIN NETWORK" and director of the operating US holding "HUMAN ECOLOGICAL BUSINESS HOLDING INTERNATIONAL INC.", Mr. MARIO EDUARD GIOVANELLI, has developed and – depending on the date your read this info – will launch or has already launched his own, independent blockchain with the name “GLOBAL UNCONDITIONAL BASIC INCOME” and his own, independent crypto currency based on it with the name “GLOBAL”, trade code “XGB”.

The cryptocurrency, "GLOBAL" was endowed with nine hundred billion (900,000,000,000) pre-mined1) coins. At the time of release, a coin will be or is already assigned value of one gram of gold. Thus, the value of the entire cryptocurrency, "GLOBAL" converted to US dollars, is - as of September 2020 - about fifty-five trillion US dollars ($ 55,000,000,000,000).

1) “Pre-mined” refers to cryptocurrencies whose developers have decided to distribute a percentage or all of them among a certain group of people through a specified process within the protocol.

The cryptocurrency, "GLOBAL", was created to pay all members ("Private Members", "Business Members" and "Business Premium Members") registered at the "Easy Life Community" platform ( and the associated exchange platform here a monthly "Unconditional Basic Income" of fifty (50) GLOBAL. This fifty (50) “GLOBAL” monthly unconditional basic income is - as of September 2020 - the equivalent of about three thousand US dollars ($ 3,000).

Membership and thus the distribution of the unconditional basic income of fifty (50) "GLOBAL" monthly is completely free. Every person of legal age worldwide can register for free and enjoy the unconditional basic income for lifetime.

The main reasons to offer this unconditional basic income to all registered members are

       ° to ensure them a permanent income and thus the corresponding purchasing power, even in the event of unemployment and the loss of social backings;

       ° to offer companies an additional source of income and the chance to keep up or to increase their turnover;

       ° to protect all members from a global financial crash


       ° to support sustainable business, projects, products and services.

This exchange platform is primarily offered to access the GLOBAL account of the registered members, as well as to exchange GLOBAL into other crypto or state currencies and vice versa.