【Announcement】Updated on 26/09/2022 06:44:15 AM
How the GLOBAL has to be understood

Both the free receipt as well as the acceptance and any other form of handling the “GLOBAL” is based on a completely voluntary basis for all parties involved, in particular "Private Member", "Business Member" the offering person and/or company, its suppliers, partners and employees.

Terms, such as "money", "currency", "bank" or similar,  which may from time to time appear in connections with the "GLOBAL" and the unconditional basic income on websites, in different documents, flyers, brochures, as well as in emails, newsletters and in particular in the marketing area (social media, videos, cartoons, etc.) have been and will only be used for better understanding.

The fact is: “GLOBAL”, which is distributed to all people as an unconditional basic income, is solely to understand as a typical cryptocurrency (similar to Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Ripple, etc.) and in particular as an additional, human medium of exchange for the purpose of improving the purchasing power and quality of life of consumers and the increase in sales for companies.

Besides: “GLOBAL” does also not correspond to any other simple cryptocurrency for crowdfunding (ICO / ITO), speculative purposes or similar purposes.